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Re: [suse-security] spamassassin
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Philippe Vogel <filiaap@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This runs fine. Otherwise you have much to do to compile and configure
> it if you do this by hand.

At the risk of plungeing into a metaphysical discussion:

My server at home is still running a base system of suse 8.0 with the
most recent sources of the programmes you mentioned, among other
stuff I need, with absolutely no problems at all. I don't see any
problems with doing the plain old compile & configure by hand, heck,
I can't even think of a reason of not doing it that way! Not counting
time issues, your linux systems just comes with certains burdens...

Actually I'm very fond of slackware and will be switching to the most
recent version soon. Imho it's the distro that let's you adapt your
system by hand with the least trouble. And yes, I've tried a few
distros and am still convinced slackware is the right choice - I'm
using it on workstations already, including my laptop :)

And I just have to write this: I found it utterly disgusting (and
still do) that suse 8.2 won't boot on a good old 486er anymore with
the standard kernel. This was just insane at the time, and really was
the reason for me to explore other distros. That highly patched suse
8.0 has kept me save so far, though I didn't use any YOU. If there
was an issue with a package I just installed the most recent one from
source and was done with it. No nightmares whatsoever.

I'm keeping an eye on LFS, keenly, the project evolved greatly, but
unfortunately I just don't have the time to create production systems
based on it. I started with slackware back in 96 and explored the
linux world with suse, but it's time for me to return to my roots.

Just my 2 cents, and thanks for all the fish btw.

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