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Minimum number of packages
  • From: Avtar Gill <av_gill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 14:59:36 -0500
  • Message-id: <404A2DA8.1010804@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I picked the default minimal installation option while setting up a test
server but after it was all said and done I feel like I can still remove
a number of packages. I figure the less I have installed the more easy
to manage and safer (less vulnerable packages) the server will be. I'm
using SuSE Professional 9.0 and here are the packages I deleted..

# rpm -e bc eject finger lukemftp portmap procmail rsh tcsh telnet

I think portmap and rsh should not be included by default. In the case
of portmap, if anyone really needs NFS then I'm assuming they're
knowledgeable enough to install & enable it themselves. That being said
I have a question. There are a couple more packages that I'm not sure
are necessary but I don't know if removing them will break anything.
I ran a script which showed that no other package depends on them

cpp (The GCC Preprocessor)
initviocons (Terminal initialization for the iSeries virtual console)
isapnp (An ISA plug and play configuration utility)
mailx (A MIME-capable Implementation of the mailx Command)
sash (A stand-alone shell with built-in commands)
sitar (System InformaTion at Runtime)
src_vipa (Virtual Source IP address support for HA solutions)

I'm guessing I definetly don't need cpp, initviocons. I don't have any
ISA hardware so isapnp isn't necessary. I forward all mail to a local
mail server so I don't need mailx on each computer. I don't need
anything related to HA so src_vipa isn't required. Don't know about
sash or sitar though. I just want to make sure that I'm not deleting
anything vital for SuSE or YaST to function in a reliable fashion. Any

Avtar Gill

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