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Suse Linux Server elaboratation
  • From: "Scott Wrobel" <saw424@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 20:19:11 +0000
  • Message-id: <E1B04jv-0001v6-Tt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Scott Wrobel wrote:

>I am building a Linux Server for my windows network.
>I am using 8.2 Pro and the server is going to be an internet connection server / logon server.
>Does anybody have and advice for me.
so you mean it's going to be an internet gateway and domain server?
do you want a proxy server too? (squid?)

please elaborate......



To put things breafly i am all but lost in the depths of linux.
I am currently running samba on the server, it is lacated on an isolated network with test computers so that i don't mess up my good computers.
I will be running with a 56k :( internet connection (after resolving my modem problems) and i am hoping to achive dial on demand over the network an well as having a logon server. i am still new to linux but am learning fast. I just took a look at the manual and i will probably be attempting to set up squid now that i know what it is.
The network is running with work groups, not a domain (yet), all computers have a gatway of netmask of and all ip addresses begin with 192.168.1.___. I have good experience configuring windows clients but nothing on the server side.
I hope this new info helps.

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