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Re: [suse-security] To Ken Schneider, RE: Suse Linux Server elaboratation
  • From: "Ken Schneider" <suseseclist@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 18:27:25 -0500
  • Message-id: <WorldClient-F200403071827.AA27250072@xxxxxxxx>
> One item I see that will be a problem is the address you show for the
> gateway, Since this is the broadcast
> address
> for the subnet your are using this will not work. -
> are the only usable addresses for this subnet/netmask
> combo.
> I think you should change that first to eliminate future network
> problems.
> Get the networking between the PC's working first and then start on
> getting your internet access working, samba and then squid so that you
> have
> a better understanding on how all the components work together.
> Ken Schneider
> Also, go one step at a time and document what you do for future
> reference.
> I don't quite understand because i currently have a Win 2000 Pro and a
> Win 98 SE set up on the Isolated network with the Linux Box and they
> can all see and/or ping each other easily, as well a share files. I
> also have a second netwr with 2 Win XP, 1 Win 98, and a Win 2000 Pro
> all of which have that same config and none of them have any problems.
> On all windows computers i am running tcp/ip, ipx..., and netbios
> protocalls, that is if this changes anything.
> I beleave that i might have hade a complaint from my linux box on this
> subject but it was when i was configuring samba and all i had to do to
> fix it was to use the network restart command at the prompt.

Then you need to do a little more reading on tcp/ip networking. X.X.X.255
is always the broadcast address for a class "C" subnetted (
network and should not be used as a "host" address. ipx and netbios don't
use tcp/ip network addressing and is propabbly why you have been able to
get away with it.

Also please do not reply to me and the list as I just did to you. You end
up getting two copies of the same email as you can see.


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