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Re: [suse-security] How can I stop the Xserver listening on port 6000?
  • From: Roman Drahtmueller <draht@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 16:00:08 +0100 (MET)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.53.0301301554310.15458@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On my Computer I have installed a standard SuSE Linux 8.1 Pro with Grafik-Login.
> I want to detach the binding of my X-Server to an IP-Socket or restirct it to some IP-Adresses (localhost, ...)
> In the config-file "/etc/X11/xdm/XServers" I have changed ":0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 vt07"
> to ":0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 vt07 -nolisten tcp". But nothing happens.
> After a reboot the X-Server ist still listening on port 6000.

Aehm, die you really reboot? Not just log out?
I do exactly the same thing with my setup here, and I've never seen a
problem with it.

> Does any one knows how I can solve the problem?

Please type "sync", hit the reset button and see again with

netstat -anp|grep LISTEN

Basically, you'd have to restart xdm/kdm to make this work. You can do so
by running

rcxdm stop
sleep 10
rcxdm start

as root.


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