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RE: [suse-security] Securityaspects of mysql
Hi Ruprecht,

At the site you can check out
all current and historical vulnerabilties of MySQl.

Location: Folder - MySQl Vulnerabilities:

It is contained in a parent folder: Databases and SQL related
where you can find all major (and many other) databases and what
vulnerabilities on each one has been recorded.

Information on SQl injection etc vulns and methods is located in:

Have fun with the site; you will find thousands of other IT
Security subjects and let me know how you go.

Best regards,
Arjen de Landgraaf
New Zealand

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I want to know how secure is mysql. At the moment I'm contaced
by a firm for planing a database with connections to a department
in spain in a few years. So I've some points that are interessting to me.

How secure is the securitymanager of mysql?
How secure are the content in the database saved internal?
How secure is the communication between mysqlserver and mysql-client?

What is nessessary for security for using the database in the internet. The
internetpart is used by customers and the external stuff of the firm. How
I secure the communication between the firms headquarter and the department


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