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RE: [suse-security] FreeBSD NIS Server + SuSE Linux Client
I thought I'd ask one more time to see if anyone has any information on
making SuSE Linux work with a standard NIS server before I give up and
go back to FreeBSD...

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> From: Glen Campbell [mailto:glen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Friday, July 26, 2002 11:10 AM
> To: suse-security@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: [suse-security] FreeBSD NIS Server + SuSE Linux Client
> I hope this is the correct list for this question. Since it
> has to do with login and authentication, I thought "security"
> was the closest match I could find. I've been browsing the
> SuSE list archives for a week (along with everything else I
> could find on Google) with no success. I'm seriously losing
> my hair over this.
> I have recently installed SuSE Linux 8.0 on two separate
> machines. My other machines at home are both running FreeBSD
> (4.6-STABLE). They are the NIS master and slave servers, respectively.
> I have used YAST2 to initiate an "NIS Client" on the Linux
> boxes. Ypbind and ypwhich are both running successfully and
> returning proper information. I can "finger" all of the NIS
> users and I can ypcat passwd, master.passwd, etc. However, I
> cannot login with an NIS user. I have turned "debug" on in
> security/pam_unix2.conf, and here is the
> Jul 26 09:44:25 horace sshd[1449]: pam_unix2:
> pam_sm_authenticate() called Jul 26 09:44:25 horace
> sshd[1449]: pam_unix2: username=[glen] Jul 26 09:44:25 horace
> sshd[1449]: pam_unix2: wrong password, return PAM_AUTH_ERR
> Jul 26 09:44:25 horace sshd[1449]: Failed password for glen
> from ::1 port 32772 ssh2
> In this case, it's from sshd, but I get the same results from
> login and kdm as well.
> Here's what "ypcat passwd" returns (just a sample):
> stephen:*:1013:1001:Stephen XXXX:/home/stephen:/bin/tcsh
> tpecot:*:1016:1001:XXXX Pecot:/home/tpecot:/bin/tcsh
> Here's what "ypcat master.passwd.byname" returns (again, a sample):
> stephen:$1$z2wACRkf$camGYsMF6OTjTL41gNSCX0:1013:1001::0:0:Stephen
> XXXX:/home/stephen:/bin/tcsh
> tpecot:$1$P3lvmuTE$RRuEzWjhxwwmMOwv0DzvN.:1016:1001::0:0:XXXX
> Pecot:/home/tpecot:/bin/tcsh
> (1) it has been suggested that the MD5 encryption used in the
> FreeBSD password file is causing the problem. However, I have
> been able to cut a password from the BSD password file into
> the Linux password file and it worked just fine (for a local
> user). I don't think that's the problem.
> (2) The BSD password file has "*" in the second field, which
> indicates the password is stored in master.passwd. SuSE Linux
> uses an "x" in the second field to indicate that the password
> is stored in /etc/shadow. Could this be the source of the
> conflict? If so, how do I configure SuSE to recognize the "*"
> instead of the "x"?
> (3) Beyond this, I'm at a total loss. I really have no idea
> how to debug or fix this. I hate to have to set the Linux box
> as a standalone machine because it does not support NIS.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Glen Campbell
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