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AW: [suse-security] Auto Negotiation with 8.0 (OT)
  • From: "Ulrich Roth" <Roth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 11:49:23 +0200
  • Message-id: <047D33E9F294624A972F6A6325C993C204A502@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello Ziggy,

> i know this is not a security related thing but i am
> having a problem getting my suse 8.0 auto negotiating
> i tried setting the speed for my Nic using mii-tool
> but it failed to recognise the Interface(eth0). Is
> there another way i can get my Nic to negotiate at a
> particular speed.
So what do you want?
Do you want your NIC to auto-negotiate its speed, as
you said in the first paragraph, or do you want to set
it to a fixed speed, as you said in the second paragraph?

Auto-negotiate means: the NIC finds out which speed
the opposite NIC can do, and then sets its own speed
to the same speed as the opposite NIC.
Normally, you connect your computer to a hub or switch.
If the hub or switch can do 100 MBit/sec, the NIC of your
computer will set to 100 MBit/sec.
If the hub or switch can do only 10 MBit/sec, the NIC
will set to 10 MBit/sec.
That's called auto-negotiation and should be the default
for most NICs.
For the NICs from 3Com, for example, always existed a
DOS based configuration program. Boot your computer
to DOS and start the configuration program to enable or
disable auto-negotiation or set the NIC to a fixed speed.
But I don't know if other vendors offer also such a tool.
Well, most operating systems nowadays should also be
able to configure the NIC. I can set the speed of my
Win2k machine in the properties of "My network places",
but how to do this under Linux, I never tried out. :-(
Best regards
Ulrich Roth
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D-50670 Koeln
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