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[suse-security] SuSEfirewall2, DMZ, sendmail and lotus - resend with config files
Hi all,

I have a problem with susefirewall2
and I hope somebody could help me.

You can find the config files on a
site of my friend:

suse-security@xxxxxxxx seems to filter
attachments I did attach them to the
mail I send yesterday of course!

I have a leased line (2mbit, dedicated ip) to
the net, a dmz and a local lan with
a lotus server. I would like to receive
mails from the internet for my domain
which should come in and be forwarded
to the smtp server in the dmz which will
forward them to the lotus server. So here's
a graph for that:

server1, 3 network devices
eth0: (link to LAN)
eth1: (link to DMZ)
eth2: 193.X.Y.Z (link to net)
|-------------------server2, 1 networkcard (
| running mail service (sendmail)
| and apache web server
| server 3, 2 network devices
| eth0: (link to LAN)
| eth1: (link to server1)
in the lan: lotus server

Currently mails come in and are forwarded to
a sendmail server which is running on the
server2 (dmz). From there they should be forwarded
to server3 and finally to the lotus server
(and vice versa). I tried to configure susefirewall2
in the way that connecting to port 25 on server1
forwards automatically to the dmz one or if it comes
from the dmz to the server3 (and from there to the lotus server). But
when I try to connect to (port 25) from the server 3 and
to from the dmz I get the error messages "connection
refused" although I opened the ports and did some redirect rules. Maybe
somebody could have a look at my attached config file I currently have
absolut no clue what might be the reason for this misconfiguration.

Bye + thanks a lot,

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