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Re: [suse-security] Problem keeping network alive
Am 27.02.2002 14:04:41, schrieb "Marios Marti" <mjpiimm3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Im running SuSE 7.1 kernel 2.2.18. I have compiled a kernel with only the basics, for server,
><i.e no module support,only the network and varius hardware. I am having though problems
>keeping the ethernet alive ><>since it stays on for a while and then it goes of and takes ages
>to re-activate. Please can some one tell me if there are other packages in the system that
>deactivate the network module and how can i see when the modules are enabled and when

above you wrote you compiled without module-support

>disabled. Also i have disabled all the green functions of the system bios and still have the same
>problem. I suspect its something in the kernel but dont really know what it is. Like when you let
>it on the kde login screen and after some time the screen goes black, guess that is cause somewhere
>there is another power saving module enabled, which affects the network as well.

OK - step by step.

What kind of down is your network (think is unable to ping too ?)

Shows ifconfig your network-interface ?
Are there collosions and errors beside your ethx in the stats ?
How and why takes its ages to reactivate ?
What you're doing therefore ?
What says /var/log/messages at downtime ?
What kind of services are you running (samba/web or simply routing) ?

Reply the anwsers.

Your Michael Appeldorn

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