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SuSE YOU / Yast2
  • From: christian.burri@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 13:37:25 +0100
  • Message-id: <OF73B6F356.47D44BE7-ONC1256B56.0043DD09@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hello List,

I only had one single problem with YOU, respectively Yast2:
Every now and then all the modules disappear and I cant do anything but
I mentioned this problem before, and Roman told me to just reinstall Yast2,
which worked so far. Only thing is: it happened again, and then again on
other machine (All SuSE 7.2 IIRC). Maybe this is another bug that needs to
be fixed?

Then, another thing with yast2 is: When using installation from an FTP
would it be possible to make Yast2 cache the packet descriptions? I found
it quite annoying when I had to install some stuff via FTP lately (customer
find his SuSE CDs), then I quit "packet management", to find that I forgot
install some package, so I go back to "packet management" and it loads all
the huge description files again, even when it read those like 20 minutes
Maybe a "use cached version or reload from server?" question would be nice?

Other then that I find yast2 to be quite useful, all in all, a good thing
people are working on to make it better, etc etc, and having it avail is
then not to, isn't it?

As far as it yast1 is concerned, I do alot of work using it (its more sleek
handy for some things then yast2, ie, installing packages etc is much more
easy with yast1, I find). And if I could make a wish, I'd wish it wont

Oh and I apperciate, I *really* do, that yast2 does not only work with X
also from console, despite what some "security professionals" are
insiting on (Roman might remeber the email I received, not too long ago..)


Chris Burri

/v\ L I N U X
// \\ >I know KungFu!!<
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