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RE: [suse-security] Masquerading durch Firewall fuer einen Rechner
Hello again,
OK, I set up the Firewall with these settings,
But do I need to change any preferences on the Client?
Because when I enter "ftp open" for example,
Than this Errormessage appear:
ftp: Name or service not known
So what's the Problem here?

When I try to do a CVS checkout, it's the same Problem.

Help me please.

> > try, for your example,
> >
> > FW_MASQ_NETS=",0/0,tcp,21 \
>,0/0,tcp,2401 \
> > (change to suite your needs)
> Thank you,
> Can you explain the Syntax and Meaning of these Settings,
> Or a Source were I can find this Information?
> The IP - Ok well, which Client to allow
> The TCP, UDP - Which Protocol to allow
> The Port number - Which Port to allow
> BUT what is this: 24,0 ???
> Hi Marcel,

> 24 is the netmask of your internal network
> 0 belongs to 0/0 and means the external network (the whole internet)

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