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Re: [suse-security] MS Word Docs hosts security relevant metadata
>> > > When created from within MS Word, yes they do.
>> > >
>> > > If you use a saner program for your work, they don't. (My guess)
>> >
>> > Right: use vi and latex/pdftex/... and you won't get in trouble.
>> >
>> > Do _you_ want to tell that to all those MS-Word-users?
>> I think he was talking about the converter to be used on
>> the mailserver.
>Aha. You _think_. Does that mean: If he can not write down what he
>means in a way that even I can understand it then you need to tell me
>what he wanted to say because you know that better than me?

Me _THINK_ 2. Thatswhy i wrote in my initial question:

>So it seems to be a good idea to filter all outgoing mail with such attachments
>and convert automagically into pdf.

Of course the MTA will do this jobs cauze it handles all the mails.

Michael Appeldorn

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