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Re: [suse-security] ppptp Denial-Of-Service Attack
>Il 18:14, mercoledì 6 febbraio 2002, Robert Rottscholl ha scritto:
>> Hi Josef,
>> I had the same problem. Everytime I had lot of traffic to samba my
>> server died.
>> In my case it was a mainboard problem. I resetted it (it was brandnew)
>> and then it even worked when I put 2GB's files on it.
>> Ciao ;-)
>In my small home network (5 pc) I got a similar problem. When a PC (Win98SE)
>starts to send out too many bytes the network (ethernet), the eth1 interface
>of the samba PDC dies and I have to restart it manually. It does not happens
>with another pc which has the same version of windows and the same NIC. I
>have never understood why this is happening.
>It is not samba related because the other samba computers does not have the
>same problem.

Got the same. Saw something on the errorlog console and did simply

hdparm -d0 /dev/hdX to disable ide-dma

if this work you've to edit /etc/rc.config and set ide_dma to "no".

You can set down the network-adapter speed by parameters in /etc/modules.conf too


options 8139too media 3 - set's up 10MBit Network (need re-boot/init)

...and yes - its not security related

Michael Appeldorn

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