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Re: [suse-security] Emulate real ip's to access intranet hosts from outside
>I'd like to access to the hosts of my intranet with private ip's from the
>I have the following net:

One or few weeks ago the same questions was up and the list
concluded the discussion with the result, that this best way seems to
be to ssh-portforwarding - that means, you'll use putty or such a tool
to connect yourself to your firebox and the ssh-parameters will
make the sshd forward all your paket with the private ip of your firebox.

And the best ist - all is encrypted. IMPORTANT - there are some exploits
for known vulnerabilities of older ssh-version - use the actual and ensure
to force sshd to use protocol 2 (/etc/.ssh/sshd_config). And check your
iptables-filter for allowed incoming/outgoing ssh-paket (port22/tcp)

Just see the achieves of this list and watch 4 the VNC discussion a few
weeks ago to learn more.

Your Michael

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