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Re: [suse-security] VMWare through SuSEFirewall2
> How do you manage to apply anti-spoofing rules to just the external
> with SuSEFW2?

i don't use the suse firewall.

basically, doesn't the suse-firewall use iptables? the entries it logs remind
me a lot of iptables-logging with the --log-prefix option. if so, it should be
possible, to look at the rules by typing "iptables -L INPUT". copy the
anti-spoofing stuff from the suse-firewall, disable it in the
suse-firewall-config file and put them into your own firewall script. just a
thought, never tried it though.

> That's the workaround I am doing at the moment. I stop and restart manually
> the script after vmware is started.

well, you still could do it some kind of semi-automatically by restarting the
firewall at the end of vmware's init script.


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