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Re: [suse-security] How to connect apache and php
Am 01.03.2002 12:24:53, schrieb Sasa Popravak <spop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Hello, everyone!
>I heard about latest PHP bug so I have decided to get latest versions of
>Apache and PHP. My system is SuSE 7.1 with both packages preinstalled. Now,
>I have successfully compiled and installed both new versions to apachedir
>and phpdir using ./configure --someoptions; make; make install. I can now
>manage to start new version of apache by issuing apachectl but apache
>doesn't seem to know anything about php, because phpinfo.php gives it's
>source. So, the question is how to connect these two installed packages?

It's not security related - but anyway.

You have to edit httpd.conf to configure it for php processing

there are entrys like SciptAlias / AddType and so on related to cgi processing

look here 4 further instructions - google is your friend !


Michael Appeldorn

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