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AW: [suse-security] IP Forwarding - HELP
  • From: "OKDesign oHG Security Administrator" <security@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 07:28:37 +0100
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Hi Dan,

it depends on which Kernel-version you use. If you use 2.4 you need
iptables. Exactly this point was discussed during the last days (I'm sure on
this 'cause it was me who asked about Masquerading *g*). If you use 2.2 or
earlier you need ipchains. Which syntax should be used has been written in
my first post about this. If you don't have it anymore, tell me. I can write
it again.
Back to the roots of your question: IP-forwarding alone is not enough. You
need Masquerading because the (ethernet-)IP of your Windozebox is a private
IP and not able to be routed over the internet. So the linux-box has to
change the sender-IP of the packets to his official IP (granted from your
provider, most likely to be a dynamic one) in order to enable answer-packets
to find the way back to you. Then your router (the linux-box acts exactly
like a router) send the answers back to your windozebox. This is what
masquerading means.
Again, tell your kernelversion and we can tell you the syntax.


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I have two machine, one Windows NT box and a Linux box (which is connected
to the www via a modem) and these two machine are connected directly via

I am trying to set up my Linux box so I can get access to the www from the
Windows NT box via the Linux box. So far I have enabled IP Forwarding in
the rc.config file. I am really unsure what to do now to get this to work -
I have read countless linux documents about setting up masquerading but the
examples don't seem to comply with Suse. Do I have to enable the firewall
to get this working ? are there others things I have to set ?

Any help would be great.



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