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Re: [suse-security] Re: Masquerading unter Kernel 2.4
This looks like it would work for my problem as well. But, when I try to use this command
I get a message that --dport is incorrect. When I look at iptables --help there is no entry
for --dport. (I also added the -p tcp as indicated necessary in a subsequent email

Thanks for any help.


01/09/02 07:02:32 AM, Bjoern Engels <bengels@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On Wednesday, 9. January 2002 13:53, OKDesign oHG Security Administrator
>>> "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i <ext_IF_of_firewall> -d
>>> <ip_of_firewall> --dport <desired_port> -j DNAT --to-destination <ip_of
>>> internal_machine>"
>> Thank you for your hint, but the command-line you told doesn't work. The
>> system keeps complaining (unknowg arg --dport). I also tried out the long
>> version --destination-port with the same result. I looked at the manpage
>> and found that iptables should know this argument, so there seems to be a
>> syntax error.
>> Anyone has an idea what is wrong and how the correct syntax is ?
>The protocol is missing. No [TCP|UDP], no ports.
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