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Re: Re[2]: [suse-security] MySQL cluster
> If not: The solutions shown from etc. concerning redundancy are
> not what I was initially looking for. These systems are running as single
> master - multiple slave servers. If the master fails, you won't loose
> your data, but you have to manually change a slave server to be the
> master and probably you have to change a lot of scripts to get this
> master working as a replacement of the initial one. And I'm going to run
> sensitive data on this db eg. for logins, credit card information etc.
> The solution Carlos was showing up using a wrapper seems to be a possible
> way.
> Thanks to everybody for wasting your time on a possible offtopic data
> security issue!
> Ralf
> >On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 02:18:08PM +0100, Ralf Koch wrote:
> >>I'm looking only for an "online" redundancy - the only way not to loose
> >>information if one of the systems goes down. I'm not good in programming
> >>- scripting is the highest level I'm able of - so I need a some more
> >>hints how to build a working wrapper for this. Any idea?
> >
> >And please stop sending mails to the list, it's completely offtopic!
> >
> >If you had tried first, you didnt have to write to the
> >mailinglist. Searching for "redundancy linux mysql" shows the pages you
> >need.
> >
> >Daniele

Hi, Ralf!
Read documentation once again:-).
Configure first server as master and second as slave.
And in the same time
Configure first server as slave and second as master.
This will make a ring chain. Test it. You will be surprised. It works. You
can work with both servers in any sequence, stop and start them. Both
databases will be synchronized. They are clever - these boys in MySQL team.


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