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Re: [suse-security] Is bind 9.1.0 secure?

On Monday 21 January 2002 12:39, Kurt Seifried wrote:
> It got bad enough that OpenBSD dropped his software from _ports_.

That is not too hard. And it was not done for security issues but because of
philosophies concerning the position of programms in the filesystem. Mr. de
Raadt has his own way to communicate that I personaly believe to be offending
making me avoid any discussion with him. Mr. Bernstein, too, is shurely not the
easiest communication partner. Everyone could tell that sooner or later DJB
software would no longer be part of the OpenBSD ports. No problem.

On 21 Jan 2002 at 13:04, Robert Davies wrote:
> Doesn't DJB also use a very awkward license? Reading through his
> comments, on other software in the links posted, was enough actually
> to put me off DJB's software. Hard to imagine him fielding security
> concern found by another very sympathetically.

I care about security and usability of software I use, and DJB software is not
too bad. If you use software because you like the author, ...

Now, to be a little on topic, any security problems so far with bind9? I use
DJBDNS but some customers prefer bind, so is it necessary or wise to install
bind 9.1.0 instead of bind 8x?



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