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Re: [suse-security] status of new kernel 2.4.16
On Friday 25 January 2002 14:11, Bob Vickers wrote:

> A couple of times recently Roman (I think) has promised an imminent
> security announcement associated with the new 2.4.16 kernel. It hasn't
> arrived yet...could I ask whether there is a specific problem delaying it
> or whether it is general work overload?
> I'm not trying to get at SuSE here, and I know it delays you further if
> you have to answer too many "is it nearly ready?" messages; I am just
> looking for information to make an informed decision about whether to
> upgrade yet. One of our main production machines has stability problems on
> 2.4.7 so I would like to upgrade, but I don't want to move to 2.4.16 if it
> is being held back for stability reasons.

There's been a 2.4.16-31 which was withdrawn, and looking at Red Hat's
advisory and the notes to 2.4.18-pre it would appear that it's CIPE and an
ICMP issue. (I did a diff -ur on the withdrawn SuSE sources and could see an
icmp mod.)

I've been happy with the 2001/11 2.4.16.SuSE-21 source based kernels from
stability point, but I'd like to know what's going on, and as LKML and Red
Hat have broken the news, surely there's no reason not to be more open now.


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