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Re: [suse-security] can't restart sshd after updgrade
  • From: Maarten J H van den Berg <maarten@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 10:42:39 +0100
  • Message-id: <0112101042390E.00623@itux>
On Tuesday 04 December 2001 17:02, Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
> Hi,
> Well as the subject says after installing openssh.rpm to SuSE 7.1 via
> # su -c ' rpm -Uhv openssh.rpm'
> I issued su to root
> and echo "rcsshd restart" |at now +2min
> and I logout from the machine. The command runs and sshd complains
> port 22 address has already binded
> /etc/ssh/primes not found using old prime
> and I still have the previous sshd running :-( Where am I doing the
> mistake ? Note I can not log in as root and ssh is the only access to
> the machine (meaning I do not have a terminal connected)

I've had that happen to me as well, it *might* be that another active ssh
session was the reason for that, but I'm not sure. But I did manage to
cut myself off of a colocated server at that time. :-(((

Since then (provided I'm reasonably sure the new sshd will work) I do it
like this:

screen # start a screen session
[from within screen]
sleep 5; rcsshd stop ; sleep 3 ; killall -9 sshd ; sleep 5 ; rcsshd start
[control-A D , control-D] #detach the screen; logout

Of course, make sure the killall command is appropriate for your system.
This kicks off all ssh users, obviously. But that's a feature. ;-)
Granted, it's a bit involved but it beat the hell out of locking yourself


Maarten J. H. van den Berg ~~//~~ network administrator
van Boetzelaer van Bemmel - Amsterdam - The Netherlands T+31204233288 F+31204233286 G+31651994273

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