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Re: [suse-security] Open Ports
  • From: nicola moretti <moretti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 12:23:00 +0100
  • Message-id: <3C149B08.CC715BCF@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

"andre@do" wrote:
> hi all,
> a while ago i posted a question on closing port
> 6000 and 31785. a kind person mailed me off list
> with the correct answer.
> Before you flame me for an issue thats been
> covered on this list note that the addition
> of -nolisten tcp to the Xservers file
> (as Roman suggested a while ago) doesn't
> work on my installation.

Do you start X "manually" (i.e. with startx)? If so, you must give
'--nolisten tcp' as an argument to startx (IIRC...).

> Anyway I snarfed my box with something I was
> playing with and require the exact same advice
> the kind person gave me a few weeks ago to close
> these two ports.
> (commenting out the last three lines of some
> X file ?)

That's me, I guess (that's "one of the three things"[TM] I know about
kde *and* networking...:-).
Just comment the last three lines of /opt/kde/share/services/kxmlrpcd.desktop
(or just the "X-KDE-Init..." line).

or (don't remember who told me about this, sorry; and I didn't verify
since I use the previous solution) put these two lines


in /usr/share/config/kxmlrpcdrc.

> It might also be a good idea to post it to the
> list as I have already received three people
> mailing me off list asking if I had found a
> solution and then this can go in the archives
> in case I or someone else needs it again...

Already done in the past... better yet, I would suggest a note in the
SuSE Support Knowledgebase and/or in's FAQ (thanks nix!).


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