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[FLAME] Of *COURSE* I'm down on Microsoft....
  • From: Ray Dillinger <bear@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:11:56 -0800 (PST)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.40.0112170829030.13699-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have every right to be "down" on Microsoft, it's personal. The first
time I ever heard of the company, its CEO started by tarring me and
everybody who liked to share source code with the sentence "you are
all thieves," and he's never apologized. I was horrified when DOS
started to become popular since the CEO was already a known asshole.
A few years later, he proved it again: Remember "DOS isn't done till
Lotus won't run!" on a big banner over the cubicle farm in Redmond?
At just about the time that MicroSoft was coming out with its own
spreadsheet? Hey, if it was any good, why couldn't it have won in
a fair competition? Or more to the point, if *THEY* were any good,
why couldn't they have competed fairly?

And now that there are alternatives available again, why do business
with assholes? I have to learn Bill's crap because people use it at
work. But as a QA analyst, I get to see first hand exactly how crappy
it is under a serious stress test, and I wouldn't recommend it to
anyone even if it were free.

Hell, I wouldn't even recommend to anyone *STEALING* Microsoft
software, because every bit of it you use malfunctions in irritating
ways unless you're using other bits, and pretty soon life starts
sucking real hard if you go that route, because some of the bits
of it that other parts need are horribly buggy and just a Bad Idea
to run (like outlook) or infuriating because they try do do things
you don't want done (like word).

So don't go getting on my case about being down on Microsoft, okay?
I'm down on them for reasons that are valid, true, and deserved,
and I'm not about to change.

Sorry about the flamage, and I'll shut up about it now; but this is
all true, and it needed to be said.


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