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ssh shells and ircd on a small lan
Greetings all,
I been trying to give my friend a shell account
(ssh) And I have ran into some confusion.

The firewall box has ssh already on it, but it also has portforwarding. So
I am confused as to where I should give my friend a shell at.

I also talk irc with my friend on a ircd which is located on ,
but I wondering if this is safe to let ircd be port forwarded through
firewall box

| modem (dialup)-- firewall box
| |
| redhat eth0
|------------ |----------------
| hub | -- | (eth0) (just a client mandrake)
\ |----------------
| (eth0) (irc, shell accounts suse 7.2)

at the moment the only way I know to get through the external network is
to ssh to the firewall box as root, then ssh again into box.

I don't want my friend to know the root password on the firewall.
I trust the guy, but he isn't very adept at linux and he might screw
something up by accident. I want to avoid the accident. I also want
to limit him to say 10MB and 10 process's (the cpu goes to 100% now with
no limits on the account)

If I shut ssh off the firewall how can I turn on ssh through it to the
shell accounts. Or is this the wrong way to do this? I am thinking the
shell might be better off located on the firewall.

Should ircd be relocated to the firewall instead of where it is
now (

and finally... a bloob, I accidentally deleted my ircd startup from the
inetd.conf I tried YaST and manually editing it but the only way to
start irc is manually now. Can someone show the line or lines in the
inetd.conf that have the irc/ircd start up from inetd.conf There is
not anything in the manual about this.

it used to start when I boot, but no more...;o(

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