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Re: [suse-security] Strange Log Message

> Are you sure that's all there is? I'm missing the destination port
> number. 61417 is the source port. The destination port could tell
> us what the packet was supposed to achieve.

Yes .... that's all I can see.

> The rise in those numbers is their expected behaviour, since the
> source port is allocated by the IP masquerading code and the IP ID,
> used to distinguish IP packets from one another, seems to change in
> the same fashion in the Linux TCP/IP stack.


> Well, why do you have ipchains rules configured to block that
> traffic

Just to block the high ports.

>and what is generating it, those are the questions to be
> answered.

Yes, that's the part that I'm trying to understand :) I've disabled
most services and used harden_suse to kill off the inetd daemon and
most other things.



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