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RE: [suse-security] ip_conntrack_ftp
  • From: "Andreas Wahlert" <andreas.wahlert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 15:08:00 +0200
  • Message-id: <DF4754816CD8A94794719341B39FBBBF014AF7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hai List,

i'm realy scared about this words. I remember: the reason was a big hole
in the Linux Kernel, known since April. "Red Hat" has strongly recommend
to apply a patch to their Kernels!
I think, so many as possible linux users should know about this bug and
there is no secure solution for the SuSE Kernel!

friendly Regards

Andreas Wahlert

> > Get the latest kernel from Hubert's directory at
> > This is the
> > place for the latest when it comes to the SuSE kernels. The
RPMs should
> > install cleanly on a 7.1 or a 7.2 system. If something fails
with these
> > kernels, be it in source or in rpm form, it's nothing but
bad luck.
> >
> > Since more problems are expected with the 2.4 series kernel,
there will be
> > no official kernel update. Instead, it is advised to use a
2.2.19 kernel
> > when security considerations play a major role.
> Where is the recommended place for discussion of these kernels
and where
> should problems be reported? It seems unlikely most such
material would
> be appropriate for this list.

I agree... It seems like that there are not too many people
willing to
discuss such detailed and specialized matter in a mailing list
that is
bound to a distribution/a vendor. After all, all relevant
mailing lists
that deal with kernels, networking and discrete subsystems are
distribution-specialized, and sometimes I tend to believe that
discussions on distributor-hosted mailing lists are somewhat
emotional and
less rational. I'm very please to see that this is rarely the
case with

Anyway, I think you could meet people with the same questions
and fitting
answers at suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxxx The volume is not too high on
this list.

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SuSE GmbH - Security enable user to fly."
| N├╝rnberg, Germany (Batman Costume warning
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