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Re: [suse-security] Porn/Xrate-Filter
  • From: Ralf Koch <info@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 01:20:18 +0100
  • Message-id: <PM-CB.20010201012018.3C6B2.2.1D@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Big problem not only at schools. What about your children at home? Even
companies don't like their employees surfing to those pages!

I tried the script described below ( some weeks ago (got
it from another page I thought). The idea behind this script is good: Fetch a
porn link site, filter out all links and you will get a blacklist.
Based on that script I changed some lines and after filtering a huge networks
most used sites (Bingo: search engines and porn link sites) I set up a cron job
which filters every night new porn domains, over 9500 til now.
Let them do the work for you of finding porn pages to block. And besides: Some
of the domain names don't contain "stop words", but the content.......

O.K. sometimes you catch a page which shouldn't be on the blacklist. Redirect
the denies from squid to a page where the user can complain of accidently
blocked pages. Check them and enter them to a second list, a whitelist.

Peoples (and even pupils) learn fast - sometimes. If they find anonymizer /
redirecter, why not blocking them too? (Who needs those?)

Although it might be impossible to block all porn pages, IMHO filtering is a
good solution to block that waste in addition to solve this problem on a social


>I saw, that other people are interested too.
>So here's the mail I wrote to Matthias.
>But never forget to solve the problem of pornsite surfing in school at
>the roots. An the roots are the pupils, and not the net.
>Try to get a good supervision and everything works fine.
>I know that most of you are 'just' freaks and so it's naturally that you
>try to solve this problem on a technical level, buit it has to be solved
>on a social level.
>Ok, here's the rest of the mail:
>On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 01:40:35PM +0100, Daniele Frijia wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 12:36:52PM +0100, Matthias Jaenichen wrote:
>> > is there any tool to filter pron and other rated sites and/or contents? We
>> > want to provide a S.u.S.E-based firewall for a school and think we must at
>> > least make it difficult to access any rated content.
>> But check out: (german only).
>> There is a little Script, that gets Porn-Domains from the net.
>> If the school is connceted via belwue, the German provider for schools
>> in BaWue, then you can use their proxy. They installed smartfilter on
>> it.
>> Regards, Daniele
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* Ralf 'coko' Koch
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75% der Internet-Nutzer sehen sich regelmäßig Sex-Seiten an - die restlichen
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