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Re: [suse-security] the new YOU, how it works for ME? =)

From: "Tobias Burnus" <burnus@xxxxxx>

> If I understand it correctly it simply checks the FTP-Server
> on ${}/${platform}/update/${version}
> ^^^ or mirror? ^^^ i386 ^^^- 7.1
> If you look at
> there is a file called ./patches/ftp-1 which seems to describe updates:
> Shortdescription.german : Willkommen zum SuSE Patch Update
> Longdescription.english:
> Welcome to SuSE Patch Update. This is only an info patch
> which shows the functionality of the patch update.

hhmmm ... seems that I'ill keep the old fashion way =)

> Moreover you can find now the ${package-name}_{de,en}.info files all
> over the place which contain some information (packagename, file,
> version, size, date, source, security update: Yes/no, update/change
> description).

yeah, that is good.

> BTW: Why is there no _{en/de}.info file for xemacs in update/7.1/e2/ ?

Now there is, check again =)
(and _de files too)

> I think this is the same as in YaST 1 and uses
> /etc/permissions.easy
> /etc/
> /etc/permissions.paranoid
> Those presently set the rights of several files (suid bits, /dev/
> rights, mount user or nouser etc.) I don't think that that changed much.

ok, i'll keep it on paranoid, then i'll change it to /etc/permissions.sick

> Well you probably have to buy SuSE 7.1 (or wait until it gets leased as
> FTP version) until you see it. The latter doesn't look that new (I don't
> know 7.0's YaST2, but YaST1 has it).

I'll buy it ... by the way, since I mailed the support (info@xxxxxxxx ?) and
had no reply, let me ask here, will my usb cd writer (hp8210e/USB) work with
kernel 2.4?

> The former seems to make it easier (with GnuPG signed RPMs :-) than
> browsing around with yast (I never did before I simply used wget and rpm
> ;-). There is also autorpm which automates it even more (if you think
> rpm{new/saved} is no harm ;-)

until now I also just used rpm (ok, some times kpackage too i confess eheh)

Thanks for the tips

[ ]'s bacano

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