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Re: [suse-security] [newbie:] Secure development environment
  • From: Andreas Otto <andreas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 09:34:36 +0000
  • Message-id: <4353990078.20010213093436@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Steffen,

>> I guess I should have said it more clearly that this box will be used
>> to develop web applications and we therefore won't be able to detach
>> the box from the internet but it will for sure be inside the DMZ.

> But after all, it's possible to develop web applications without
> direct internet access, and you should. Otherwise you never know
> if the sources are unchanged. And if somebody builds in a
> backdoor in your payment module - good night... Better care and
> use a second webserver in the devel-net.

> But maybe you don't need a secure development environment, maybe
> we understand different things with this term.

Thanks for your answer Steffen.

Guess I didn't express what we want to do. And for sure we have
different understandings of the term "secure development environment".

Here is what we want to do with the box:

Have CVS up and running for version management (primary purpose)
A group of people will be notified about any commits and can transfer
the code after reviewing to a qa box.
Since we will start a "case study" about tele-working the CVS
repository should be reachable from the "outside world" as well from
within our network. Therefore I thought using SSH for connecting to
the box might be a good idea.

Later we will have IBM Websphere and a DB2 Database running on the

So all in all it is more a Webserver but I will still try to make it
as secure as possible. Which is as I understand a big compromise in
terms of convenience.

Sorry for the confusion I might have caused by not expressing clearly
what I mean.


Andreas Otto
OgilvyInteractive | Floor 2, Canberra House
315 - 317 Regent Street | London W1B 2HS
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