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preventing some warnings of the firewal

since I installed my firewall on
Suse 7.0 & ipchain & Cable modem
I got again and again 2 lines warnings:
Dec  1 12:40:57 rosemary kernel: martian source 0100007f for 2da12fd5, dev
Dec  1 12:40:57 rosemary kernel: ll header: ff ff ff ff ff ff 00 01 02 1c 5b
b6 08 06
(where 0100007f = & 2da12fd5 =
The log files firewal, warn & messages immediatly grow
to 200 and more MB, which is pretty enoying.

Of course first I look at my pc, but could find anything to stop that
With Ksnuffle I found the corresponding info. to that:

11:40:57.794252: 1514: arp who-has -> :
11:40:57.794753: 1514: arp who-has -> :

So now I think in the network of my provider some pc that
are missconfigured :(.

Can anybody tell my how I can prevent these and only these
warnings been written into my log files?
With my 6 weeks firewall experince I can't do myself unfortunately.

I thank You in advance,

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