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RE: [suse-security] Linux 7.0
  • From: "Iain Gray" <iain.gray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 01:42:44 -0000
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Hi Chris,

I can heartily recommend:

Maximum Linux Security by Anonymous, published by,

ISBN 0-672-31670-6

As being a good grounding in some of the principles of linux security. The
author also wrote Maximum Security, which is a more general book, that I
unfortunately haven't
got yet!


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> Subject: RE: [suse-security] Linux 7.0
> Hi,
> basically, enabling smtp and pop3 services on a firewall or a host with
> firewall functionality is not a very safe setup. Mailservers have
> to accept
> certain commandos from other servers in order to process/deliver mails. An
> improperly set up mail system can be considered as a serious
> threat to your
> network security; if this all-in-one hosts gets cracked, there's no
> second-in-line defense perimeter left to keep the bad guys (and
> grrlzz) out...
> A good approach towards learning the do's and dont's of linux and linux
> security would be to get a small, currently not used PC where you
> can safely
> install linux and play around with it before you put anything in
> a production
> environment.
> Steps to a reasonably secure system would include:
> a) read the whole documentation of your linux distro and try a few things,
> specially the security apps, patches and tools that come with it
> (section "sec"
> in suse), but also the basic administrative tasks
> b) subscribe yourself to certain mailing lists covering distro news and
> security announces/discussion (bugtraq, CERT...)
> c) get yourself some literature, for example Linux in a Nutshell,
> Unix - Ein
> praktischer Einstieg, TCP/IP-Netzwerkadministration and
> Einrichten von Internet
> Firewalls (all from O'Reilly,
> d) look for possible security threats on,
> e) verify your system security via online services like

f) read, read, read and read again, then go and try, and return to

Good luck,

Boris <bolo@xxxxxxx>

On 30-Nov-00 C.Richartz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> my name is Chris and I just started using LINUX.
> Now my problem I have to install a very save server.
> The server should work as a file-server which is also WWW-router,
> firewall and Mailserver for a network of 25 workstations with Windows
> NT.
> 5 Days ago I started working in LINUX but my employer wants me to create
> a server that is saver than a very save NT-system.
> I'm not able to create such a system by myself!! Please Help me
> Greetings Chris

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