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RE: [suse-security] European Council hacking-tools ban - update
  • From: "Wade Chandler" <wade.chandler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 10:16:33 -0800
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I agree with Boris all of this is outrageous. It's that same type of
attitude that a lot of people are taking on guns in the US. Think about it.
The only people with good hack tools are criminals??! It is something that
can not be allowed to happen. People need to band together. Let us all
come together here. Get the email address for the Council(somebody has to
have it, the site what ever, I'll get it and send another email) And let's
all put our two bits in. That is crap. Same goes for the people here in
the states that are so blind and ignorant to facts that they think a ban on
guns is smart. Sure give criminals nothing to fear. If criminals know you
know nothing of their arsenal then you are just a sitting duck. Unreal,
really. Hats off to the "MORONS" that run our governments. Don't guess
they gathered any logic from their math and philosophy classes in college.
Well what do you say. It's a start. There seems to be an abundant amount
of voices on this list. What about others?

Wade Chandler
Metro Information Services ISC
Division: Winston Salem, NC

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Subject: [suse-security] European Council hacking-tools ban - update


recently we discussed the plans of the European Council to ban hacking tools
and to introduce an overall tightened surveillance of ISPs and their
in cooperation with the members of the european union.

The EC now has dropped their plans according the ban of these tools after
strong objections from the industry and a whole lot of angry sysadmins
(including myself).

However, there are more doubtful paragraphs in this draft convention which
still is more or less inacceptable for most of us.

The original draft version of the European Council's cyber crime convention
be found here:

The EC-draft update can be read here:

Boris <bolo@xxxxxxx>

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