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Re: [suse-security] list moderation, message mangling (was: TIS FWTK)
  • From: Mearl Danner <jmdanner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 14:32:48 -0600
  • Message-id: <EXECMAIL.1001212143248.A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tue, 12 Dec 2000 18:09:58 +0100 Gerhard Sittig <Gerhard.Sittig@xxxxxxx>

> On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 22:26 -0500, MaD dUCK wrote:
> >
> > i am personally a big fan of subject prefixes, especially when
> > i tell procmail to route several mailing lists into one folder.
> > so whenever there is a list that does not have one, i add it
> > with sed:
> >
> > [ ... ]
> That's exactly what I said. :) You're perfectly free to do
> whatever you want to with the messages you receive and record
> somewhere. It's *your* data when you're the terminal station.
> It's just that I don't allow a list admin (read: a transporter)
> to fiddle with the user supplied data (subject fields, reply-to
> fields, from fields, etc). And I get especially upset about this
> mangling when it causes some kind of information loss or causes
> me and other recipients extra work although there's no (real or
> sane) reason to cause this trouble.
> Regarding the "marking the list articles with a prefix in the
> subject" -- there are already nine(!) other pointers in the

None of which the brain-dead email client that I have to use at the office will
filter on. I'm lucky to get it to work on "Subject:"

I can use Subject, from, to, cc, reply-to, in-reply-to, recipient, and all. It
doen't allow for "and" or "or". Just one of the above exclusively. But then
again if everyone would put the list in the "To" field instead of cc'ing the
list it might make life a little easier.

End of diatribe!! Maybe they'll let me use linux at work one of these days.

> message header (plus the two in the footer) to recognize that the
> message belongs to the list. If that's not redundancy, what else
> is?
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