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Re: [suse-security] How do Europeans build against BSAFE?
  • From: "Kurt Seifried" <listuser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 04:29:56 -0600
  • Message-id: <002001bfff91$448e9900$6900030a@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Other distributions of Linux which go for about $200 come with some form
of an
> RSA license. I believe at least one comes with a full developers version
> BSAFE. I don't want another Linux distribution! I just want to be able
> compile and use NSS and related tools. I don't want to distribute the
> right now, and if I did, I'd work that out when it happened.

Red Hat secure server (I assume this is what you refer to ass the sub 200
product) has an RSA license for the crypto components in the webserver. You
cannot use that license to say compile RSA into OpenSSH. You would need a
license from RSA to (legally) compile in RSA (unless you use RSAREF, which
has it's own interesting license and may or may not be usable for you). I
don't think SuSE for example will be able to get an RSA license that says
"users can just compile anything they want with RSA". I hate to say this but
September 20th is only ~44 days away, I'd advise waiting. I highly doubt
even if SuSE threw (past tense of thrown anyone?) a semi-truck full of 100
dollar bills at RSA that they would be able to get this licensed and out the
door/etc by sept 20th.

> First our Government says we can't export our cryptographic technology, so
> rest of the world reproduces it for free, and now our Government makes it
> impossible to use it domestically! Hey, anybody in Germany or the UK

Write your congresscritter.

> Steve


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