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Dear All,

Sorry for not being around for a few days, had other commitments away from
the office. And I'm really sorry about the HTML related mess in my emails, I
didn't realise....

Also thank you for the help about samba. It is still not enirely sorted, but
have to put it off until maybe tomorrow.

Thank you,


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From: "Eduardo Carriles" <eduardo.carriles@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <geocajun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; "SuSE Security Mail List"
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: [suse-security] samba207

> Hi Mariann, Fred, Jason and all others,
> This is what i posted on any other threads at [SLE] regarding HTML:
> ----
> "Talking about _Microsoft Outlook Express_, did you noticed such a lot of
> flames
> regarding the use of HTML (people talk about it as garbage, and instantly
> bury
> it on the _Trash_, what a pain!!).
> I personally prefer using Netscape Mail, because it gives much better
> control
> over what you send and in wich format.
> Many times our SLE friends tend to forget the difficulty, on the issue
> that not
> seeing visual difference they would not throw HTML, but also using any
> True Type
> Font do fire it.
> Not to talk about sending both formats as text and HTML simultaneously."
> ----
> Can you see the meaning Mariann??
> Beg your pardon Fred, some times people, as me, tend to not look further
> and reply insanely instant, but did you understand what i meant?
> Those described above where the reasons wich fired your flames.
> Good try Jason, but i got some deep knowledge about the issues, just a
> bit quick. =:`)
> One more thing Jason, post _publicly_ and not direct to the original
> poster, or include also [suse-security] on your replys, and let others
> know what are we talking about, thanks.
> HTH,
> Eduardo Carriles
> ----
> Jason Fruge' wrote:
> > > Hi Fred,
> > >
> > > What are you talking about HTML, i can't see any on thread.
> >
> > your email client is configured to format email messages in HTML, not
> > plain text.
> > most console mail clients can't parse HTML so they can't read it.
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