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Re: - nkitb-2000.7.11-0.i386.rpm fuer Suse6.1 (fwd)

>for all ppl, who have problems w/ libauth, try to download +
>install libauth from
>first and then install nkitb.
> Thomas

After installing libauth and updating nkitb the ftp server does not accept
shadow passwords anymore (SuSE 6.1). Now _that's_ a secure ftp
server! No logins allowed ... ;-)

It works if I put my encrypted password in /etc/passwd, but is there anyone with
>> 10 brain cells who really wants to do that?

Any ideas on getting ftp working with shadow passwords again?

BTW we have no ftp account in passwd because we don't allow anonymous ftp.
But ftp worked for normal users before, maybe that's the fault? Or do I have
to do some weird LD_PRELOAD stuff? Unfortunately, libauth comes with zero
documentation except that the rpm info states that libauth actually
honours /etc/shadow.

On the other hand, this is another argument to convince our users not to
use ftp and switch to scp instead ... ;-)

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