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ftp-proxy - login but no data channel

i've got two segments connected with a suse-firewals
packet filter and configured it to redirect ftp-queries
on port 21 to an other port where the ftp-proxy (fwproxy)
is listening. Til that point there's no problem, i can then
even do a login on the machine that the proxy puts the query
to. The logfiles show nothing strange until now.

But when i try to do a 'ls' or any other command that implicates
traffic on the data channel i get no response.
So i on trial enabled the forwarding for all ports in any direction
- but i still didn't get a connection to the data channel.
If i connect with the commandline ftp, the logfiles of the proxy
show nothing when doing a 'ls'.
When connecting with iglooftp, the logfiles show an entry like this:

'can't bind client data to a.b.c.d:xy00-xy50(portrange for passivemode data)
for a.b.c.f(client)'

has anybody an idea what's the problem with that?
thank you!


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