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[suse-security] Re: Why did SuSE pass this one up?!!
On Thu, Mar 09, Fred A. Miller wrote:

>> Linux Platforms to Add Tripwire
>> Three suppliers of Linux operating systems plan to add Tripwire
>> intrusion detection and prevention software to boost security.

SuSE includes the Academic Source Release of Tripwire, Version 1.2 in
SuSE 6.3. It does however not include the commercial release
2.2.1. Neither do Red Hat or Caldera, AFAIK.

Anyway, Tripwire say they will release their product as open source only in Q3,
(that's what the partnership with Red Hat, Caldera, sgi and VA Linux is about)
so there's no need to panic right now. There's nothing from stopping SuSE to
include the newer version when it's actually there ...

In the meantime, you could of course _purchase_ Tripwire 2.2.1, if you're not
satisfied with the _free_ one in SuSE 6.3. I'd rather wait and go with open

BTW, I read this list because I want to be informed of security issues with
(SuSE) Linux. If I want to be informed of who is sent to jail for whatever
reason, I go elsewhere, so please stop waisting bandwidth with off-topic

Martin Leweling
Institut fuer Planetologie, WWU Muenster, Germany

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