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NFS on SuSE6.3
I know it is a bit off the topic of this list but I simply don't know where to
I'm trying to use my linux-machine as a YP and NFS server. With SuSE 6.2 it
was no problem to make my users mount the /home share on their workstations and
to use YP.
Now I tried to install a new server (got a new, stronger machine :-))))) using
SuSE 6.3. YP works fine but when I mount the /home share I get all of the users
directories, but they are empty.
I simply don`t know what to do as it worked the same way on SuSE 6.2. Has
anything changed in SuSE 6.3 or is it a bug?

A desperate admin searching for help

P.S.: At the moment I only got one entry in my exports file it is /home (works
with 6.2)

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