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Re: [opensuse-ruby] ruby 2.2 - next step
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On 06.05.2015 11:32, Josef Reidinger wrote:
On Wed, 06 May 2015 11:27:00 +0200
Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> wrote:

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On 06.05.2015 11:23, Josef Reidinger wrote:

Problem is that rubygem-dbus is not build for ruby 2.2. I only see
ruby2.1-rubygem-ruby-dbus but no ruby2.2-rubygem-ruby-dbus so it is
not found. Any idea why it missing?

Where are you looking? it's built:

Greetings, Stephan

It is not part of repository on ISO I downloaded from openQA. So maybe
it is problem? Not sure what exactly is problem that cause that package
is missing on DVD repo.

I'm afraid this highlights a big problem: there are no requirements on what is
really required.

yast2-storage requires "rubygem(ruby-dbus)" not the version it actually looks
for and as such libsolv is free to pick
and as such it creates an interesting mix:

install libruby2_1-2_1-2.1.6-28.4.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install libruby2_2-2_2-2.2.2-12.3.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install libstorage-ruby-2.25.20-4.2.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby-2.2-89.3.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby-common-2.1-101.1.noarch@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.1-2.1.6-28.4.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.1-rubygem-gem2rpm-0.10.1-19.4.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.1-rubygem-ruby-dbus-0.11.0-6.3.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.1-stdlib-2.1.6-28.4.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.2-2.2.2-12.3.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.2-rubygem-fast_gettext-0.9.2-3.3.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install ruby2.2-stdlib-2.2.2-12.3.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64
install yast2-ruby-bindings-3.1.31-3.1.x86_64@staging_Factory:H-x86_64

yast2-ruby-bindings actually requires "rubygem(ruby:2.2.0:fast_gettext)" and
I'm afraid this is what all yast modules
need to do: require a *specific* rubygem. Any ruby-dbus just doesn't work ;(

I clearly can work around this for the staging DVDs - and I don't necessarly
want 2 ruby versions in tumbleweed going
forward, but we want to support the use case of having system ruby and bleeding
edge ruby next to it, so I did this
"2 ruby versions in stagings" on purpose.

Greetings, Stephan

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