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[opensuse-ruby] Call to arms: devel:languages:ruby:extensions refresh

yesterday we migrated devel:languages:ruby:backports [1] and
devel:languages:ruby [2] to the new ruby packaging scheme. my personal test
projects [3] show, that this gives us a working base. So now it is the
time to fix all the old cruft we have in d:l:r:e. Some packages havent
been touched since 5+years and still have the packaging schema from back

# add devel:languages:ruby:backports as repository to your distro if you
# are not on factory:
$ zypper ar
$ zypper in ruby2.0-rubygem-gem2rpm
# script attached. if you are not on 13.1 you have to update the path to
# the template.
$ mv g2r ~/bin/g2r ; chmod a+rx ~/bin/g2r

Fixing a single package

# Inside the package working copy
$ g2r

# check if we lost any important fields like license, buildrequires,
# custom descriptions.
$ osc diff

# if we lost anything copy gem2rpm.yml and move the lost bits into the
# config. Hint: the old spec file is still in the .osc directory.
$ cp /usr/share/doc/packages/ruby2.0-rubygem-gem2rpm/gem2rpm.yml .
# port port port
$ g2r

# changes entry
$ osc vc -m 'update to new packaging scheme and add gem2rpm.yml'

$ osc addremove
$ osc build ...
$ osc ci

Bonus Points

If the gem2rpm.yml only holds the license for the package, file a pull
request upstream to add the license to the gemspec. rubygems also
recommends spdx format, which will make out life a lot easier. [4]

Known Issues

For now please ignore build failures on SLE 11 SP3, if the symptoms are
"unpackaged files found". There is a bug in rpm which cuts off the
output generated by scripts in macros.


openSUSE - SUSE Linux is my linux
openSUSE is good for you
if [ -e gem2rpm.yml ] ; then
cfg="--config gem2rpm.yml"
exec gem2rpm $cfg -t $TEMPLATE -o *spec *gem
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