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Re: [opensuse-ruby] A new packaging scheme for Ruby 2.1
* Sascha Peilicke <speilicke@xxxxxxxx> [Jan 22. 2014 14:19]:

Mucho agreed. I strongly vote for keeping parallel-installability. For
products (like Cloud) this is a must-have.

Hmm, I somewhat struggle with that. Why's it a 'must-have' ?

And it's already present in openSUSE (and thus SLE12).

Well, this proposal is about removing this parallel-installability for

2. Ruby will be part of inst-sys (for YaST)

Another good reason why you want parallel installs. ATM ruby-2.1 is fresh
cheese. But this version on SLE_X. Let 6 years pass and take one of our Ruby-
based products. It will likely use ruby-42 by then. You can't drop ruby21
because of yast but you need ruby42 because of $PRODUCT...

I'm pretty sure we will be able to adapt yast to ruby-4.2. So this
argument does not hold for me.

5. ruby-macros ?

This would be a new name for ruby-common, a package only used for
building ruby GEM packages.
Actually, I'm not happy about the name. It should reflect the package
usage. ruby-devel-build or ruby-build-macros could be alternatives.

Dunno if it's worth discussing package names but it's established practice to
name RPM macro packages for software foo $FOO as $FOO-macros or $FOO-rpm-
macros. Maybe the later is more obvious.

Yes, ruby-rpm-macros seems like a good name.

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