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Re: [opensuse-ruby] A new packaging scheme for Ruby 2.1
On 22.01.2014 14:19, Sascha Peilicke wrote:
On Wednesday 22 January 2014 13:52:30 Jordi Massaguer Pla wrote:
On 01/22/2014 01:23 PM, Klaus Kaempf wrote:

going forward, Ruby becomes more important in the openSUSE and SLES
codebase. This is why Coolo asked me to come up with a new Ruby
packaging scheme. Read on to learn about my current thinking in this

What are the goals ?

1. revert the ruby, rubyXY, and ruby-common split

Initially done to allow multiple Ruby versions in parallel, it
wasn't really used and developers use rvm or rbenv to achieve the
same effect.
From a buildservice perspective, this split cause more headaches
than it provided value.

in studio product we have ruby 1.8 and ruby 1.9 at the same time because
the first one is a requirement from WebYast and the second one from
studio itself. I am not saying this is good or desirable, but please
take in mind this kind of situation.

Mucho agreed. I strongly vote for keeping parallel-installability. For
products (like Cloud) this is a must-have. And it's already present in
openSUSE (and thus SLE12).

2. Ruby will be part of inst-sys (for YaST)

Another good reason why you want parallel installs. ATM ruby-2.1 is fresh
cheese. But this version on SLE_X. Let 6 years pass and take one of our Ruby-
based products. It will likely use ruby-42 by then. You can't drop ruby21
because of yast but you need ruby42 because of $PRODUCT...

For this to work you also need to make the gems parallel installable -
do you want to work on that?

Greetings, Stephan

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