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Re: [opensuse-ruby] Revised gem packaging
* Adam Spiers <aspiers@xxxxxxxx> [Nov 05. 2012 19:54]:
Klaus Kaempf (kkaempf@xxxxxxx) wrote:
* Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> [Nov 05. 2012 14:41]:

No, the suffix is only there to avoid clashes between two .rpm files.
You can't have rubygem-<gem> twice in the build service.

Where can I file feature (bug ?) reports against the build service ?

Then I'd advocate to keep the version suffix in the build service
package name (to work around the above mentioned build service bug)

I don't understand what the bug is? It already seems to work fine
in the example you cited:


The 'bug' is that I need to create two different 'package' entries in
OBS. I'd rather see OBS support multiple versions for a package natively.

This should then allow us to have multiple versions of the same
(ruby)gem in a build service project.


d:l:r:e/rubygem-foo-1_0 (-> builds rubygem-foo-1.0)

d:l:r:e/rubygem-foo-1_1 (-> builds rubygem-foo-1.0)

I assume you meant rubygem-foo-1.1 there?

Yes, of course !


Note: the version suffix is only in the build service name, not in the
.spec, .changes, or .rpm file.

Isn't that exactly what you did for sblim-sfcb above? Is there a
particular reason why this wouldn't work for gem packages?

It will work. But as said before, you'll need to create two different
(same rubygem-foo prefix, different suffix) packages in d:l:r:e

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