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Re: [opensuse-ruby] Revised gem packaging
  • From: Adam Spiers <aspiers@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 13:31:02 +0000
  • Message-id: <20121105133102.GD24068@pacific.linksys.moosehall>
Adam Spiers (aspiers@xxxxxxxx) wrote:
Stephan Kulow (coolo@xxxxxxx) wrote:
Am 02.11.2012 13:40, schrieb Adam Spiers:

Ah, that's handy. So if the OBS does not have a limitation on
multiple versions of a package co-existing in a single project, I'm
even more mystified why there was ever a need to introduce the

Name: rubygem-foo-1_1

style of naming ...

Because that was used to implement foo ~> 1.1.2

But isn't that already supported via the automatic provides:

[snipped inaccurate example of automatic provides]

and the corresponding automatic requires:

[snipped inaccurate example of automatic requires]


Is it just a historical thing which happened before your revamp
introduced the automatic provides/requires?

OK, so I now know what the automatic provides/requires really look
like, but I still haven't heard an answer why the naming scheme 'Name:
rubygem-foo-1_1' was ever used, when Requires/Provides of symbols
achieved the same thing.

And the following is not 100% clear to me either:

Stephan Kulow (coolo@xxxxxxx) wrote:
So the policy we live is this: we package <gem> as rubygem-<gem>
and only add a version suffix only if something requires an old
version of <gem> (and then only to the old version) or if
<gem> is <rails> - for historical reasons :)

Add a version suffix to what - the Name: field of the old version of
the gem being required? If so, why not just use symbols?

We didn't rename all gem_1_0 packages yet, but we're going there
whenever we update a package.

OK, so this needs to be part of the policy too.

I'd like to understand all this fully so I can document it in

It's not enough for this wiki page to document the current (latest)
versioning schemes - the old versioning schemes existing in several
repositories, and will continue to cause confusion for people like me
unless we document a summary of the history behind the changes. I
don't want other people to have to waste as much time on this as I

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