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Re: [opensuse-ruby] Packaging rails applications for openSUSE
On 02.08.2012 14:30, Nanuk Krinner wrote:

So, what should I do? Is there a way to make it easier to package Rails
applications for openSUSE? The alternative would be to tell the users to
get their Rails applications somewhere else. As I understand it this is
the consequence of the current policy. Or am I totally wrong?


openSUSE is a distribution of a collection of packages and 90% of the
work of a distribution is adapting and testing packages to work with
other packages that they weren't designed for.

We patch applications all the time to work with latest glibc, gcc,
boost, Xorg, ... - why would haml be different? We don't package
100 glibc, and gcc versions either to make "packaging easier".

Because *using* would be a nightmare then.

So the decision is yours: do you want to package for the openSUSE
distribution or not? If you want to package for openSUSE, then this
means: spending realistic effort in adapting your application to the
gems available. I don't expect haml-3.1.2 vs. haml-3.1.6 to be
fundamentally different. And now you will submit haml-3.1.2, because
this is what upstream happened to have around when they released their
application. Next week they will release a new version and then depend
on haml-3.1.5 and you need yet another package? Just say no to that
madness - just say no and make sure the stuff works with 3.1.6 and
if not, report the issue upstream - I'm 99% sure they will listen.

Greetings, Stephan
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