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Re: [opensuse-ruby] Revised gem packaging
On Wed, 01 Aug 2012 10:18:36 +0200
Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On 01.08.2012 10:08, Josef Reidinger wrote:

- changed the gem2rpm template heavily

I play with it now when I try to get working webyast and SLMS with
new gems and I found it really cool. Good work. One disadvantage is
that all dependencies need to be generated by new gem2rpm. I
convert a lot of gems in dlre, but more maybe will be needed.

It's not strictly necessary to regenerate them. But you need to have
the buildrequires ruby-macros in there (it's required when building
against devel:languages:ruby:backports, but I guess you don't build
in dlre yourself).

The automatic provides cover the old names, but I kind of hope we
can drop them in the future:

Please do not drop it in near future, as we use recent gems in ATK
and part of gems is also in SDK, so we want to be backward
compatible if customer create ruby/rails rpm with old dependencies.

How long do you think our factory ruby needs to be backward compatible
with sle11 customer? Another 10 years?

As some gems require specific but old versions of other gems, I
created (DISCLAIMER: careful, do not read further if you're easy to
upset) a package containing all those gems. This package will build
rpms for all gems in the source directory. While fixing the current
dependencies, I found 33 gems that I didn't feel worthy enough for
their own spec file, so they ended up in d:l:r:e/all-the-others.

I think we need to create policy for such packages. Example is
factory_girl, where I create old version because new one doesn't
work with ruby 1.9. I think that plain name should be always latest
version and create suffix only if you need old version. I use
copypac with specific revision and looks working for me.

I very much agree on the need of a policy. We should not use suffix
for new packages. Perhaps make an exception for rails, but I already
changed quite a few useless suffixes. Even worse is rubygem-thor
where -thor is the old version and -thor-0_15 is the new version - I
fixed that too.

But: be careful with copypac - you screwed factory_girl actually
because for a moment you had 2 rubygem-factory_girl.spec files
building overwriting each other's rpms in the repository. And if you
then later rename to factory_girl-2, you erase the rpms and then
there is no factory_girl left. So if you copypac, build disable the
new package quickly afterwards, then fix the package to get a good
suffix and then build enable.

Is there another way then copypac? link doesn't look suitable for me,
as I want to diverge from original package and provide only maintenance
fix for given branch.


Greetings, Stephan

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