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Re: [opensuse-ruby] Moving to ruby 1.9
* Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx> [Apr 26. 2012 11:44]:
On 26.04.2012 09:59, Flavio Castelli wrote:
I think the time has come to move to ruby 1.9 as more and more projects
are going to drop support for 1.8.

Is anyone against this change?

I already submitted ruby19 to factory and once this is in, I'll push the
ruby wrapper package, which will replace ruby 1.8 in factory, but leaves
an option to revive it as ruby18 in case we want it.

Lets see if anyone on opensuse-ruby really wants ruby18 back ;-)

In openSUSE:Tools:Unstable we already build all gems OBS needs against
ruby 1.9 and it works mostly.

But we will continue to build dlre against both openSUSE_12.1 and
dlr/openSUSE_12.1, right - i.e. have two versions of the gem available?

This might make sense for 12.1 but I've yet to see a compelling reason
to keep Ruby18 for 12.2 and beyond.


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